Beyond Speech Therapy Accent Reduction, LLC is positioned to revolutionize accent reduction training by making on demand programs accessible anywhere and anytime. We represent a new generation in interactive technology that is uniquely designed to meet the needs of employers and individuals. Our technology dramatically expands the opportunities available to reduce one’s accent. We help to fill the gap between the needs of people and the resources available to meet those needs. Our talented team is composed of the brightest speech language pathologists, cutting-edge graphic designers, programmers, and visionaries that clearly see where the future of accent reduction training is heading. Our goal is to inspire global communication one voice at a time.

We recognize employers, and individuals are looking for an effective and cost efficient accent reduction program that drives customer satisfaction. Our solution is delivered to employers and individuals via the Internet. We provide our customers with the most up to date online treatment and educational information that enables individuals to reach their goals and improve their accent through an intensive accent reduction program. For employers we provide managers with the tools needed to stay informed and play an active role in their employees’ accent reduction program. We exceed the needs of employers and individuals by continually pushing beyond the boundaries of current technology and equipping our partners with the most advanced tools to enhance accent reduction training..

We are committed to providing, a premier source for accent reduction training by linking individuals to a personalized accent reduction program. Our innovative web-based program allows employers to customize our program so that employees see their site, not our site. With our program, employers can: create a personalized accent reduction training program for each employee (using a variety of user-interactive media); and provide continuous education to your employees. Our program allows employers and individuals to move beyond traditional accent reduction training to web-based improved training in a cost efficient manner.

We believe that people can be inspired to reduce their accents when given the right tools and strategies. Our program places employers and individuals on the path to achieve success.