Our web-based program transforms the accent reduction training experience for employers and individuals.

For employers our program:

  • Is cost effective;
  • Is easy to implement and easy to use;
  • Saves money by reducing the amount of time an employee spends on each call;
  • Increases customer satisfaction;
  • Provides materials that are specifically tailored to the needs of the employer;
  • Employees can work “off the clock” at their own pace, anytime, and anywhere they have Internet access;
  • Employees are not limited in the amount or timing of their training;
  • Large numbers of employees can be trained at the same time;
  • The training is consistent and is presented exactly the same way to each employee. Each employee is required to master the same material as all other employees;
  • Even though the training is consistent, each employee can elect to work on those areas in which he or she needs the greatest improvement;
  • New employees can easily be added to the program;
  • Reduces employees turn over by helping employees develop communication skills necessary for job advancement; and
  • Management has the ability to monitor the effort and progress of each employee on the program.

For individuals our program:

  • Is cost effective;
  • Is convenient and flexible;
  • Provides an intense program that can be accessed everyday from anywhere Internet access is available;
  • Improves your pronunciation skills; and
  • Prepares you for advancement.